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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

I figured I'd start off with a new chopped & screwed metal song by papa roach, mainly because it's one of my favorite songs. The slowed & throwed version came out pretty well, and i'm pleased with it.
The original song meant alot to me, and I've had alot of great memories from it, so that's one of my motives for chopping it.
I think this is a great song to start the screw metal blog out with, it's got emotion, kickass guitar work and alot of meaning behind it.
I plan to be working on alot more chopped and screwed songs within the week, inlcuding dimmu borgir, in flames, trivium and alot of others.
If you have any requests for song to be chopped and screwed give me a message at, they don't HAVE to be metal songs, but that's mainly what i'm wanting to focus on in this blog.

Have a rawkin day!

Papa Roach - Between Angels & Insects (Chopped & screwed)

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